James Crossley has 15 years experience in educating clients in health and fitness. He was spotted in Junior Mr Britain by ITV producers who asked him to join the hit TV show Gladiators as Gladiator “Hunter”. James had a 9 year run in the show and in the final showdown of Gladiator versus Gladiator James was crowned The Ultimate Gladiator.

With access to some of the UKs leading coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists and sport psychologists James has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and understanding about what it takes to succeed. He brings his in depth understanding, focus, motivation and self belief into his work with clients, and can help them achieve their goals whether they professionals or complete beginners.

James and his team have trained clients from all walks of life from pop stars to professional rugby players, specialising in body transformations.

James is passionate about fitness and ensures all workouts are unique, planned and most importantly effective.


Warren’s interest in health and fitness began at 25 years ago and ever since then he has had a thirst for knowledge educating himself in all aspects of body composition and body conditioning. Using the knowledge and the techniques he learnt on himself Warren was at spotted at 23 years old by headhunters from ITVs Gladiators. After several grueling auditions Warren was asked to join the hit TV show as Gladiator ACE.

For 6 years Warren was a huge hit on the TV show and proved to be one of the best all round athletes due to his varied training regime and focus to win. Warren decided to help others achieve the benefits he did by sharing his knowledge in health and fitness by becoming a personal trainer. Warren and James remain great friends and continue to work together in helping others reach goals.


Luke Sanders is a well-respected and highly qualified fitness profession specialising in high-end personal training, strength and conditioning and fat loss. Luke was a Royal Marines Commando. Combining his past experience with personal training and Osteopathy Luke delivers excellent results to his clients. He takes great pleasure in constantly learning new skills in order to stay ahead in what is a competitive and dynamic industry. As well as being a top-level body composition personal trainer Luke is able to offer rehab and therapy expertise so you will be in the safest possible hands.


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